Analog Devices

64-0061-06 [Discontinued]AD8610BRZ Analog Devices, Op Amp, 25MHz, 8-Pin SOIC AD8610BRZ


  • Low Noise JFET Operational Amplifiers, Analog Devices. Low noise operational amplifiers from Analog Devices featuring JFET input stages. These op amps have low input bias currents and are suitable for applications where very low input noise together with high input impedance is required. The devices are available in a variety of Single, Dual and Quad package options.


  • Quantity:1set(98pieces)
  • Mounting Type:Surface Mount
  • Package Type:SOIC
  • Power Supply Type:Dual
  • Number of Channels per Chip:1
  • Pin Count:8
  • Typical Gain Bandwidth Product:25MHz
  • Typical Dual Supply Voltage:±12 V, ±9 V
  • Typical Slew Rate:50V/µs
  • Maximum Operating Temperature:+125 °C
  • Rail to Rail:No
  • CODE No.:145-6342
Order No. 64-0061-06
Model No. AD8610BRZ
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Quantity 1set(98pieces)
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