Linear Technology

64-0058-93 [Discontinued]LT1783CS5#TRMPBF Linear Technology, Op Amp, RRIO, 1.3MHz, 3 → 5 V, 5-Pin TSOT-23 LT1783CS5#TRMPBF


  • Low Power Op Amps, Linear Technology. A range of Low Power and Micro Power operational amplifiers from Linear Technology offering minimal power consumption whilst still maintaining good speed and performance characteristics. They are suitable for a wide range of power-conscious applications including battery or solar powered systems, mobile devices, portable Instrumentation, micro-power active filters and low voltage signal processing.


  • Quantity:1set(500pieces)
  • Amplifier Type:Low Power, Precision
  • Mounting Type:Surface Mount
  • Package Type:TSOT-23
  • Power Supply Type:Dual, Single
  • Number of Channels per Chip:1
  • Pin Count:5
  • Typical Single Supply Voltage:3 → 5 V
  • Typical Gain Bandwidth Product:1.3MHz
  • Typical Dual Supply Voltage:±5V
  • Typical Slew Rate:0.45V/µs
  • Minimum Operating Temperature:0 °C
  • Width:1.75mm
  • CODE No.:154-6179
Order No. 64-0058-93
Model No. LT1783CS5#TRMPBF
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