4-2177-06 Accumulator Type Hand pumps 1.5 L Organic Solvent VESP-SV15


  • Maximum usage volume (L): 1.5
  • Usable Liquidity: Organic Solvent
  • Liquid preparations usable: general degreasing cleaning agent, parts cleaners, thinners (Organic solvent poisoning prevention rule not applicable), alcoholic cleaning agent (waterborne), osmotic rust prevention lubricant, etc.
  • Non-liquid preparations: Gasoline, aliphatic compounds, aromatic compounds (Toluene/Xylene, etc.), chlorinated hydrocarbons, glycol brake fluids, esters, ketones (Acetone, etc.), inorganic acids, organic acids, etc.
  • *The usable pH range is an estimate. This does not guarantee that the product can be used for all liquids within the pH range.

Package size:170×340×170 mm 800 g [About Package size]

Order No. 4-2177-06
Model No. VESP-SV15
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