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1-5486-21 Auto Dry Desiccator 330 x 345 x 525mm OH-3S


  • Dehumidification unit, which does not incorporate driving device, does not generate sound or vibration, and is very durable. 
  • Energy-saving design has been adopted, consume only 3W, and work as economical dehumidification storage cabinets that are always turned on. 
  • Moisture inside cabinet is released directly in gaseous state. 
  • <Light-shielding Type> 
  • Suitable for storage of samples sensitive to light, as 5 sides other than door are made of light-shielding materials.


  • Auto dry type
  • Material: Transparent PMMA (acrylic)
  • Dehumidification system: Using solid high polymer electrolyte membrane, H2O electrolytic discharge
  • Reaching humidity: 25%RH (with no internal load, depending on the usage environment)
  • Dehumidifying element membrane area: 30 x 30mm
  • Power supply: AC100-240V 50/60Hz
  • Power consumption: 3W
  • Shelf board interval: 1 stage in the bottom/50mm, Other/30mm
  • Weight: 5kg
  • Power cord length: 2m (2P plug)
  • Accessories: Shelf board x 3, Low humidity digital thermo-hygrometer (THI-HP), silica gel plate x 1
  • Model number: OH-3S
  • Outer dimension (mm) *: 330 x 345 x 525 (*including dehumidifying unit. )
  • Inner dimension (mm): 285 x 275 x 485
  • Country of origin: JAPAN
  • Control Panel : N/A
  • Plug: Type A(
  • RoHS3 (EU)2015/863 Certificates can be issued [About RoHS]

Package size:420×400×635 mm 6.8 kg  [About Package size]

Order No. 1-5486-21
Model No. OH-3S
JAN Code 4560111767828
Standard price JPY: 47,000 USD: 317.25
Excange rate 1USD= 148.15JPY
Valid price in Japan
Quantity 1unit
Stock in Japan
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Product image Order No. Name Model No. Size
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1-5486-21 Auto Dry Desiccator 330 x 345 x 525mm OH-3S OH-3S 330 x 345 x 525mm 1unit JPY: 47,000 USD: 317.25

1-5487-21 Auto Dry Desiccator 530 x 345 x 335mm OL-3S OL-3S 530 x 345 x 335mm 1unit JPY: 52,300 USD: 353.02

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