0-4559-31 [Discontinued]Emergency Cart P-P5NB (with Key) Pink P-P5NB


  • Lightweight and compact for easy movement! Long seller!
  • The top drawer has a key.


  • Size (mm): 450 x 420 x 955
  • Material: Body/Steel, Resuscitator Board/Plywood
  • Drawer effective inside dimensions: Small/367 x 323 x 51 mm, Medium/367 x 323 x 135 mm, Large/367 x 323 x 240 mm
  • Auxiliary Top Size: 456 x 426 mm
  • Caster: 100 mm in diameter (twin wheels, diagonal stopper)
  • Number of partition boards available: medium/small/5 each (vertical/horizontal), large/5 (horizontal)
  • Weight: 49 kg
  • Accessories: Resuscitator board (plywood)
  • *The main unit does not come with a cylinder stand, waste cans or partition boards.
  • Model number: P-P5NB (pink)

Package size:600×610×1030 mm   [About Package size]

Order No. 0-4559-31
Model No. P-P5NB
JAN Code 4560111778053
Standard price JPY: 127,000 USD: 867.61
Excange rate 1USD= 146.38JPY
Valid price in Japan
Quantity 1unit
Stock in Japan -

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Product image Order No. Name Model No. Quantity Standard price Valid price in Japan Stock
[Supplier Stock]
0-4559-31 [Discontinued]Emergency Cart P-P5NB (with Key) Pink P-P5NB P-P5NB 1unit JPY: 127,000 USD: 867.61


0-4559-32 [Discontinued]Emergency Cart P-G5NB (with Key) Green P-G5NB P-G5NB 1unit JPY: 127,000 USD: 867.61


0-4559-33 [Discontinued]Emergency Cart P-B5NB (with Key) Blue P-B5NB P-B5NB 1unit JPY: 127,000 USD: 867.61


0-4559-34 [Discontinued]Emergency Cart P-R5NB (with Key) Red P-R5NB P-R5NB 1unit JPY: 127,000 USD: 867.61


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