0-1522-02 Navigauze 60 sheets S

  • ClassⅠ


  • Made of 100% cotton with excellent absorbency.
  • Cupra nonwoven fabric (Asahi Kasei Benriese (R)) made from cotton (cotton linters).
  • There is little fluff and little loose fibers.
  • Autoclave sterilization and EOG sterilization are also possible.
  • Since no adhesives, additives or solvents are used, there is almost no leakage of impurities.
  • It has excellent absorption speed and liquid absorption efficiency, so it can absorb 13 times its own weight in just a few seconds.
  • Incineration produces very little harmful gas. It is also a material that easily decomposes (corrodes) with bacteria in the soil.


  • Raw material: 100% natural cotton
  • Quantity in case: 60 pieces/box x 30 boxes * Price per 1 box.
  • 6 folds (double)
  • Length x Width (mm): 215 x 150
  • Quantity: 1 box (60 sheets)
  • *When autoclave sterilization is done, there will be some discoloration, but there is no problem with the quality.
  • Model number: S
  • Medical Device Notification Number:13B2X10098000003
  • RoHS3 (EU)2015/863 Certificates can be issued [About RoHS]

Package size:160×80×90 mm 140 g  [About Package size]

Order No. 0-1522-02
Model No. S
JAN Code 4560111720380
Standard price JPY: 1,010 USD: 6.90
Excange rate 1USD= 146.38JPY
Valid price in Japan
Quantity 1box(60sheets)
Stock in Japan
Supplier Stock

Product Variations (Different Sizes, Specifications, Optional Products, etc.)

Product image Order No. Name Model No. Quantity Standard price Valid price in Japan Stock
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0-1522-01 Navigauze 120 sheets M M
  • ClassⅠ
1box(120sheets) JPY: 1,240 USD: 8.47

0-1522-02 Navigauze 60 sheets S S
  • ClassⅠ
1box(60sheets) JPY: 1,010 USD: 6.90

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