4-1435-04 Lưới PTFE C-MIX ® 19 mm kích thước trung tâm LD-019W03F-8300F

Tính năng

  • The swirling flow generated by rotation and the suction flow that is sucked up from below are generated simultaneously, and a three-dimensional agitated flow with vertical displacement of liquid is generated.
  • Liquid can reach every corner of the container, promoting dilution mixing, component uniformity, and soaking, enabling stable stirring and time shortening.
  • Since there are no protrusions and it is stirred by centrifugal force and the shearing force is small, it is suitable for stirring liquids without breaking and preventing deterioration (oxidation) of liquids due to shearing.
  • Head/shaft integrated mold with no exposed part of SUS.

Thông số kỹ thuật

  • Hình Thoi Đầu (mm): Lưới
  • Vật liệu đầu: PTFE
  • Chất lỡ - SUS316 (phủ định bằng ống fluorine)
  • Kích thước Theo: Φ8 x 300 mm

Package size:370×130×100 mm 500 g  [About Package size]

Mã đặt hàng 4-1435-04
Mã nhà sản xuất LD-019W03F-8300F
Mã JAN 0000000000000
Giá tiêu chuẩn JPY: 73,000 USD: 539.90
Excange rate 1USD= 135.21JPY
Valid price in Japan
Số lượng 1piece
Số lượng hàng tồn kho ở Nhật Bản

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