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Special Feature on containers



Resin・・・Please refer to the following for the features of each material.


Material Features Material Features
PP The price is low,  the heat resistance and the chemical resistance are high. PET Transparent.
PE・LDPE・HDPE Good electrical insulation  and  chemical resistance, but lack of heat resistance. ABS Beautiful luster and good impact resistance
PS The transparency is rigid and the organic solvent resistance is weak. PMMA Colorless, transparent, glossy, good chemical resistance and electrical  insulation
PC Good impact resistance and heat resistance. PMP Extremely heat-resistant, chemical resistant and electrical insulation
PVC Not flammable. It’s soft and hard. PFA・PTFE・ETFE
High price,  heat resistance and chemical resistance.



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Glass・・・Resistant to organic solvents.

                    High heat resistance.  


Stainless・・・Resistant to rust.(※be not entirely free from rust)

                         Resistant to organic solvents.

                         Not resistant to acid.

Other materials, special containers・・・various kinds of materials and containers.