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Custom made / Custom processing – Rubber and plastic processing

Rubber and plastic processing

◆ Rubber processing

We can handle various types of processing such as cutting, sheet processing, water jet processing, and die molding.


Main materials handled
Rubber sheet Sponge sheet
Sponge sheet
Neobrene Rubber Sheet CR
Nitrile Rubber Sheet NBR
Silicon Rubber Sheet Si
Fluororubber Sheet FPM
F Silicon Thin TC
Magnet Sheet MG
Neobrene Rubber Sheet Soft CR
Flame Retardant Rubber Sheet FR
Urethane Rubber Sheet U
Ethylene-Propylene rubber sheet EPDM
Hiker Cork G1
Heat Dissipation Sheet TC-T
Neoprene Sponge Sheet CR-X
Polyurethane foam ether SC
Polyethylene Foam PE Light A-B
Everlight Scott Filter HR -13
Air filter
Silicon Sponge Sheet Si-X
Polyurethane foam ether EC
Polyethylene Foam PE Light B -4
Everlight Scott Filter HR -20
Flame Retardant Polyurethane foam
Hard felt


◆ Plastic processing

From cutting and selling resin materials to cutting, welding and bending of various resin materials from general-purpose resins to super engineering plastics.


Main materials handled
Acrylic PMMA
Polyethylene PE
6 Nylon
Polyacetal resin
Cross-linked polystyrene resin
PEKEKK resin
Acrylic (UV Cut Specification)
66 Nylon
Polyacetal resin compliant with food standards
Fluororesin PTFE, PFA, PCTFE
Rigid Vinyl Chloride PVC
ABS plastic
Medical grade Polyacetal resin
PEEK resin
Polyphenylene talphide
Antistatic vinyl chloride
Polybutylene terephthalate
Polyvinylidene Fluoride PVDF
Conductive PEEK Resin


◆ Custom-made work

We design and manufacture custom-made items of acrylic and PVC according to customers’ requests.


This is just one example.
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