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Custom made / Custom processing – Metal and ceramic processing

Metal and Ceramic processing

◆ Metalworking .

Custom made example - metal01Custom made example - metal02Custom made example - metal03

Custom made example - metal04Custom made example - metal05Custom made example - metal06


Main materials handled
Stainless Steel
Oxygen-free Copper
Tough pitch Copper
Tungsten Carbide


◆ Stainless steel product processing


Custom made example - metal07 Change Dimension
Increase or decrease the number of shelf plates
Adding a Frame Around a Shelf
Adding Handles (push hand)
Caster Selection
Caster Material Selection
(Rubber/Elastomer Resin/Nylon/Silent Rubber, etc.)
Add drawers, etc.
Custom made example - metal08 Capacity change, handle addition, shape change
Additional machining of the lid (with peephole and flange)
Changing the packing
Fluorine coating, electrolytic polishing compatible
Valve mounting process
Scale processing
Additional machining of peephole


Custom made example - metal09

Lid with peep window

Custom made example - metal10

Ball valve mounting

Custom made example - metal11

additional hoisting handle


◆ Ceramic processing 

Custom made example - metal12Custom made example - metal13Custom made example - metal14

Main materials handled
Alumina (Up to 99.99%)
Zirconia (Up to 8 mol)
Various oxides
Machinable ceramics
Porous article


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