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Custom made / Custom processing – Fluororesin Processing

Fluororesin Processing

◆ Fluororesin coating

Fluororesin can be applied to the surface of metals, ceramics and glass by baking to add the excellent properties of fluororesin.

Difference from conventional coatings such as plastics coatable product
High heat resistance up to 150℃
Made of high corrosion resistance and friction resistance
Transparency that allows you to see the color inside, etc.
In addition to general flasks, 4-neck flask, separable flask,
Can be used in a variety of shapes such as liquid separation funnel and triple reaction vessel.
The size can also be used up to a flask of about 20 L.


By fluorine-coating the surface of metal or glass, it is possible to add various excellent properties of fluoropolymer such as corrosion resistance, non-adhesion, and anti-scattering effect in case of breakage.

Electroconductive coating only on weighing dish portion of electronic balance Only the tip of the tong is coated.
The entire tweezers are coated with fluorine. PEEK resin coated inner surface of tank only



◆ Custom-made experimental production

We manufacture custom-made experimental instruments using fluoropolymer for R & D and experimental applications.



Features of fluororesin

Heat Resistance

Has heat resistance over 200 ℃

Low Friction

Low friction resistance and excellent for sliding objects.

Chemical Resistance

Has high resistance to chemicals.

Insulating Property

It does not conduct electricity and is not affected by high frequency.


The adhesive does not stick easily and is easy to peel off.


Has excellent resistance against ultraviolet rays.


Main materials handled


This thermoplastic resin has the best performance among fluororesins and is widely used in various industries.

pure PTFE
PTFE with filler (Glass Fiber 15.20.25%)
PTFE with filler (Graphite 15.30%)
PTFE with filler (Glass Fiber 15% + Molybdenum Disulfide 5%)
PTFE with filler (Glass Fiber 20% + Graphite 5%)
PTFE with filler (Carbon Fiber 10.15%)
PTFE with filler (Bronze 60%)

(Tetrafluoroethylene-Perfluoroalkoxyethylene Copolymer)
Has the same performance as PTFE and can be molded like general thermoplastic resin (Injection molding, etc.)
Has high mechanical strength and excellent transparency, cryogenic properties, gas permeability, and radiation resistance.


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