64-1698-45 Hirose DF62 Female Connector Housing, 2.2mm Pitch, 3 Way DF62B-3S-2.2C(18)


  • Hirose 2.2mm DF62 Series Wire to Wire Socket Connectors. DF62 series free hanging wire to wire crimp socket housings with a 2 x 2.2mm grid contact layout and slim, smooth, tangle free design for ease of use in small and confined spaces. These DF62 series free hanging socket connectors have a secure positive locking mechanism with two indicators including a tactile click, the socket lock can also be checked through a window in the plug housing after mating. The design of these DF62 series cirmp socket housings ensures there is no visible or exposed metal which eliminates the possibility of electrical arcing between the connector and the inside of a metal conduit. The crimp socket contacts for these DF62 socket housings need to be purchased separately, see stock number ; 873-5423 873-5423 and ; 873-5436 873-5436 typically. Crimp socket housings with part numbers pre-fixed with 'DF62C' have a 'protected lock' design For mating connectors see DF62 series crimp plug housings (stock number ; 873-5518 873-5518 ) typically. Applications:. Robotic machinery Medical devices Consumer appliances Office equipment


  • Quantity:1bag(100pieces)
  • Number of Contacts:3
  • Pitch:2.2mm
  • Gender:Female
  • Mounting Type:Panel Mount
  • Series:DF62
  • Body Orientation:Straight
  • Length:9.55mm
  • Width:4.9mm
  • Depth:7.08mm
  • Housing Material:PBT Resin
  • CODE No.:161-7663
Order No. 64-1698-45
Model No. DF62B-3S-2.2C(18)
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Quantity 1bag(100pieces)
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