64-1696-40 Hirose DF64 64, 3 Way, 1 Row, Right Angle PCB Header DF64-3P-4.5H(21)


  • Hirose 4.5mm DF64 Series Two Piece Board to Board, Wire to Board Connector System. Hirose 4.5mm DF64 series 2-piece horizontal mating plug and recepacle connector system for board to board and board-to-wire applications, comprising of PCB mount receptacles, PCB headers and cable mount crimp plug housings. This 4.5mm DF64 series connector system utilizies a board-to-board floating structure and a two point, stress free contact structure that absorbs the movement and mislaignment between PCBs and provides a reliable connection. The wide effective mating width and length of the DF64 connector system increases dimensional tolerances in both the X and Y directions on the PCB. The DF64 connector system also utilizes a stress free side locking system that provides a tactile click on mating completion in wire to board applications, a visual check is also possible. The 4.5mm DF64 series headers and cable mounting plugs both share and mate with a common receptactle connector which simplifies the PCB layout. Typical applications for the DF64 series 2-piece connection system includes lighting, automotive headlamps, medical devices and FA controllers. Stock numbers ; 873-5142 873-5142 and ; 873-5158 873-5158 are right angle PCB SMT mount pin headers Stock numbers ; 873-5145 873-5145 and ; 873-5151 873-5151 are right angle PCB SMT mount receptacles Stock numbers ; 873-5133 873-5133 and ; 873-5149 873-5149 are cable mount plug housings The cable mount plug housings require crimp contacts purchasing separately, see stock number ; 873-5136 873-5136 typically


  • Quantity:1set(500pieces)
  • Series:DF64
  • Series Number:64
  • Pitch:4.5mm
  • Number of Contacts:3
  • Number of Rows:1
  • Body Orientation:Right Angle
  • Connector System:Board to Board
  • Termination Method:Solder
  • Type:Board to Board
  • Voltage Rating:350 V ac/dc
  • CODE No.:166-5080
Order No. 64-1696-40
Model No. DF64-3P-4.5H(21)
JAN Code 0000000000000
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Quantity 1set(500pieces)
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