64-1696-31 [Out of stock]Eclipse Neodymium Magnet 8.01kg, Length 4.5mm, Width 19mm N833RS


  • Neodymium Ring Magnets. Ring magnet with countersunk hole Neodymium iron boron 'rare earth' material Strongest magnet material available 80°C max. operating temperature High resistance to de-magnetisation Anisotropic N35 grade Can be used in a variety of attracting, clamping and positioning applications


  • Quantity:1bag(5pieces)
  • Magnet Type:Ring
  • Width/Diameter:19mm
  • Thread Size:M4
  • Thickness:7.6mm
  • Attachment Type:Hole
  • Length:4.5mm
  • CODE No.:873-4990
Order No. 64-1696-31
Model No. N833RS
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Quantity 1bag(5pieces)
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