64-1696-05 Faulhaber Brushed DC Motor, 1.08 W, 6 V dc, 3.2 mNm, 2500 rpm, 1.5mm Shaft Diameter 2607T006SR


  • Faulhaber Series Brushed Flat DC Motors. Faulhaber Flat DC Micromotors with high power, best dynamic performance and small sizes. Flat micro motors No cogging torque Smooth position and speed control High efficiency Low Noise High torque Low weight Very low rotor inertia Dynamic start-stop operation Low torque ripple and EMI


  • Quantity:1piece
  • Supply Voltage:6 V dc
  • DC Motor Type:Brushed
  • Power Rating:1.08 W
  • Output Speed:2500 rpm
  • Shaft Diameter:1.5mm
  • Maximum Output Torque:3.2 mNm
  • Length:13.9mm
  • Dimensions:26 (Dia.) x 13.9 mm
  • Current Rating:400 mA
  • Series:2607
  • CODE No.:873-4758
Order No. 64-1696-05
Model No. 2607T006SR
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