64-1696-04 Faulhaber, DC Motor Controller, 100 mA 6501.00088


  • Series SC 1801 - Speed Controller. Faulhaber speed controller SC1801S is designed for the driving and speed control of BL motors in the low power range. The speed controller contains electronic components and is to be treated according to the ESD regulations. They may not be used in environments where contact with water, chemicals and or dust is possible or in potentially explosive atmospheres. Speed Controller (stock no. ; 873-4815 873-4815 ) Espacially for BL motors with digital hall sensors Max. supply voltage 18 Vdc Max. continuous output 1 A 3 partially free configurable input/output Housing with screw-type terminal strip for motor and power supply Maintenance free Suitable Programming Board, stock no. ; 873-4754 873-4754. Speed Controller Programming Board (stock no. ; 873-4754 873-4754 ) For combination with speed controller SC1801, stock no. ; 873-4815 873-4815 Adjust the right parameter for the application via a PC Suitable software is Motion Manager. Software Software "Motion Manager" is available as a free online download: www.faulhaber.com


  • Quantity:1piece
  • Current Rating:100 mA
  • Voltage Rating:3.5 → 30 V
  • CODE No.:873-4754

Package size:185×135×65 mm 140 g  [About Package size]

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