64-1695-53 Vishay 50V 200A, Dual Schottky Diode, 3-Pin TO-244 VS-201CNQ050PBF VS-201CNQ050PBF


  • High Performance Schottky Rectifiers 50A to 400A, Vishay Semiconductor. Schottky Rectifiers are semiconductor diodes that exhibit very low forward voltage drop with a very fast switching action. The reverse recovery times of Schottky diodes are extremely quick. Schottky diodes are suitable for applications requiring fast switching and low power loss. Low forward voltage drop Low thermal resistance


  • Quantity:1box(10pieces)
  • Diode Configuration:Common Cathode
  • Number of Elements per Chip:2
  • Peak Reverse Repetitive Voltage:50V
  • Mounting Type:Panel Mount
  • Package Type:TO-244
  • Diode Type:Schottky
  • Pin Count:3
  • Maximum Forward Voltage Drop:580mV
  • Peak Non-Repetitive Forward Surge Current:16kA
  • CODE No.:169-6077
Order No. 64-1695-53
Model No. VS-201CNQ050PBF
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