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64-0060-92 [Discontinued]Analog Devices ADP160AUJZ-1.2-R7, LDO Regulator, 150mA, 1.2 V, ±3.5% 5-Pin, TSOT ADP160AUJZ-1.2-R7


  • LDO (Low Dropout) Linear Voltage Regulators, up to 1.65V Output, Analog Devices. The Analog Devices Low Dropout (LDO) Linear Regulators offer fast transient response, excellent line and load regulation, and they have a wide input voltage range.


  • Quantity:1bag(10pieces)
  • Output Voltage:1.2 V
  • Output Type:Fixed
  • Package Type:TSOT
  • Maximum Output Current:150mA
  • Mounting Type:Surface Mount
  • Minimum Input Voltage:2.2 V
  • Maximum Input Voltage:5.5 V
  • Pin Count:5
  • Polarity:Positive
  • Quiescent Current:860nA
  • Accuracy:±3.5%
  • Minimum Operating Temperature:-40 °C
  • Maximum Operating Temperature:+125 °C
  • Width:1.6mm
  • CODE No.:820-9527
Order No. 64-0060-92
Model No. ADP160AUJZ-1.2-R7
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Quantity 1bag(10pieces)
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