Analog Devices

64-0059-19 [Discontinued]Analog Devices ADP1710AUJZ-R7, LDO Regulator, 150mA Adjustable, 0.8 → 5 V, 0.816V 5-Pin, TSOT ADP1710AUJZ-R7


  • LDO (Low Dropout) Linear Voltage Regulators, Adjustable Output, Analog Devices. The Analog Devices Low Dropout (LDO) Linear Regulators offer fast transient response, excellent line and load regulation, and they have a wide input voltage range.


  • Quantity:1set(3000pieces)
  • Output Voltage:0.8 → 5 V
  • Output Type:Adjustable
  • Package Type:TSOT
  • Maximum Output Current:150mA
  • Mounting Type:Surface Mount
  • Minimum Input Voltage:2.5 V
  • Maximum Input Voltage:5.5 V
  • Pin Count:5
  • Polarity:Positive
  • Accuracy:0.816V
  • Minimum Operating Temperature:-40 °C
  • Maximum Operating Temperature:+125 °C
  • Height:0.9mm
  • CODE No.:160-2570
Order No. 64-0059-19
Model No. ADP1710AUJZ-R7
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Quantity 1set(3000pieces)
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