Analog Devices

64-0058-08 [Discontinued]Analog Devices, ADAU1361BCPZ 24bit- Audio Codec IC 32-Pin LFCSP ADAU1361BCPZ


  • Audio CODECs. This range of audio CODECs from Analog Devices feature an extended temperature range and low noise and distortion. They also feature easy-to-use multichannel interfacing to common DSPs, for example SHARC® and SigmaDSP™. Analog Devices' audio CODECs have been designed for a wide variety of applications including; automotive, home entertainment, consumer audio and PCs.


  • Quantity:1piece
  • Number of ADCs:2
  • Number of DACs:2
  • Number of Channels:Stereo
  • ADC/DAC Resolution:24bit
  • Sampling Rate:96ksps
  • Interface Type:Serial-I2C, Serial-SPI
  • Mounting Type:Surface Mount
  • Package Type:LFCSP
  • Pin Count:32
  • Number of ADC Inputs:3
  • Number of DAC Outputs:4
  • Power Supply Type:Single
  • Width:5mm
  • CODE No.:697-7537
Order No. 64-0058-08
Model No. ADAU1361BCPZ
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