OMRON Corporation

62-4319-87 Switch A22NW-2BL-TOA-G101-OB


  • Increasing Visibility of Wiring Parts by Changing Wiring Direction (Push-in Plus Terminal Strip Type)
  • Terminal Screw Hold-On Structure Compatible with Round Crimping Terminals (Screw Terminal Strip Type)
  • Terminal tightening is possible even when switch units are stacked (Screw Terminal Strip Type)
  • Wiring direction is changed and horizontal space is not required (Push-in Plus Terminal Strip Type)
  • Same size as Shape A22NS (Non-Illuminating Type) even for Shape A22NW (Illuminating Type)
  • Uses a lock lever mechanism that can be operated reliably and easily
  • Pursues safety with finger protection structure
  • Realizes maintenance-free with no loose wiring (Push-in Plus Terminal Strip Type)
  • Supports global product safety standards and voltage specifications
  • Can be attached to 2 types of panel processing dimensions, φ22.3 and φ25.5
  • Wide assortment of buttons and bezels in both colors, shapes and materials
  • Protective structure, IP66, NEMA4X, 13 compliant


アズワン品番 62-4319-87
型番 A22NW-2BL-TOA-G101-OB
JANコード 4548583678460
標準価格 JPY: 2,100 USD: 14.35
Excange rate 1USD= 146.38JPY
Valid price in Japan
入り数 1piece