62-3322-62 [Discontinued]For Notebook PC AC Adapter SONY 19 V ACDCSY1900BK


  • Another very convenient AC adapter for laptops at an affordable price.
  • By permanently installing one at home and one at a destination such as a company or school, you can move easily without carrying a heavy AC adapter.
  • It comes with a cable band that makes it easy to keep cables together.
  • With a capacity of up to 75 W, stable operation is possible even while charging the battery.
  • Comes with an LED lamp for checking the current supply.
  • One AC adapter at home and one at work! Another great laptop AC adapter.


  • Quantity : 1 piece
  • Compatible models: Vaio Note 505, Note FR, Note FX, Note GR, Note NV, Type E, Type F, Type N, Type S *
  • capacity: Up to 75 W
  • Input: AC100V -240 V to 2.0 A, 50 - 60Hz
  • power supply Cable Length: Approximately 1.8 m
  • DC cable length: approximately 1.2 m
  • external dimensions : Width 116 mm x Depth 53 mm x Height 30 mm
  • Temperature Conditions: Operating
  • humidity conditions: operating
  • Warranty period: 6 months
  • material/Finishing: One AC adapter for home and one for work! Another AC adapter for laptop is very useful.
  • Securities Code: 537 -7676
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