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61-8977-42 [Discontinued]Shoe Polish 75mL EA939AF-4A


  • This is an easy to clean shoe wax that shines just by applying.
  • Contains emulsifiers for a deep and beautiful shine.
  • This product cannot be used on fleece leather (suede, velour, buckskin), nume leather, reptiles, ostrich, enamel, aniline dyed leather or leather with special processing.
  • The color may fade or stain, so please try it on an inconspicuous area before using.


  • Liquid Type
  • Content: 75ml
  • Color: Black
  • For shoes of Natural Leather
  • Component: Polymer ・Wax ・Organic solvent
  • Shoe Wax Product That Will Make Your Shoes Shine Only by Applying Onto It, Making Shoe Care Easier.
  • Emulsifier Contained To Make Your Shoes Shiny and Beautiful.
  • Not Usable on Napped Leather (suede, Velour, Buckskin), Case Leather, Reptile, Ostrich, Enamel, Aniline-dyed Leather, and Leather with Special Finish.
  • Discoloration or Stain May Occur. Test ItOn An Inconspicuous Area Before Use.

Package size:46×41×147 mm 80 g  [About Package size]

Order No. 61-8977-42
Model No. EA939AF-4A
JAN Code 4548745519662
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