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61-8977-25 [Discontinued]Ultra-Versatilesealing Agent (Antibacterial・Antifungal) 50mL EA934KN-21


  • For Sealing Gaps and Cracks in the Outer Walls or Around Wet Area, Etc.
  • Many Benefits Include Powerful Anti-microbial and Anti-mold Properties, Chemical Resistance, Weather Resistance, Durability, and High Adhesion.
  • Not Using Any Solvent, and Has No Smell, and Therefore Would Not Damage Plastic Material or Painted Surfaces.
  • Paint after repair is also possible.
  • Content: 50ml
  • Color: White
Order No. 61-8977-25
Model No. EA934KN-21
JAN Code 4548745297065
Standard price JPY: 870 USD: 6.67
Excange rate 1USD= 130.43JPY
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Quantity 1piece
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