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61-8976-67 [Discontinued]Universal Broom [Telescopic Handle] 1110-1800mm EA928CC-670


  • The hair length: 40mm
  • Material: Ear Tip: Nylon, PolyesterGrip: Aluminum Pipe
  • Mixture of Hard and Soft Bristles Sweeps Out Light and Heavy Dust Together.
  • Brush Width: 300mm
  • Replacement Handle: 1,110 To 1,800mm
  • Qty. Per Unit: 1 Pcs
アズワン品番 61-8976-67
型番 EA928CC-670
JANコード 4548745482287
標準価格 JPY: 4,240 USD: 31.02
Excange rate 1USD= 136.70JPY
Valid price in Japan
入り数 1piece
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