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61-2810-72 [Discontinued]Loctite powerful Instantaneous Adhesive for beginners LPE003


  • It does not stick to your fingers easily, so even people who are not used to it can use it without worry.
  • The text in the manual is large and easy to read.
  • The package is easy to store after use.
  • Since the adhesion speed is slow, it is easy to align.


  • Color: Clear
  • Capacity (G): 3
  • Mass (G): 22
  • fixed hour (23 ℃): approx. 60 seconds
  • liquid
  • Principal ingredient: cyano scum Relay g system
  • Application: Metal, Synthetic rubber, hard Plastic such as adhesion.
  • Production country: Ireland
  • Weight: 22g
  • Manufacturer's model number: LPE003
  • CODE No.: 445-2461
Order No. 61-2810-72
Model No. LPE003
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