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61-2354-22 [Discontinued]Power Screwdriver Set 8pcs PD8


  • Set content: PMD-075. 100.150, PPD-001.002.003, PSD-M2 and P2
  • Set content (pieces): 8
  • Mass (kg): 0.95
  • through Type (PSD-M2 and P2 is excluding)
  • edge: Magnet with
  • Body: Structural Steel
  • Grip: Resin
  • Country of origin: Japan
  • Weight: 0.95kg
  • * Plastic pattern is Insulation for the. Electric flow is the used Do not. Driver"chisel instead used Do not. hit," こじっ or, Driver to damage, accident to cause cause is from absolute to Do not. through Driver"hit If screw surface perpendicular to a tap.
  • Manufacturer's model number: PD8
  • CODE No.: 395-6407
Order No. 61-2354-22
Model No. PD8
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