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3-7413-01 Gravity Control Unit, Gravite GC-JP-RCE01

  • Oversized


  • A simulated microgravity environment is achieved by rotating the sample 360℃ around a pair of orthogonal axes to distribute the gravity vector in all directions.
  • It uses centrifugal force generated by single-axis rotation to achieve a hypergravity environment of 2~3G.
  • Acceleration sensors allow real-time monitoring of gravity.
  • 12 Vioramo cell culture flasks (VTC-F25 V) can be loaded.


  • Simulated micro gravity environment: 10^-3G
  • Body device size: W425mm x D420mm x H445mm
  • Body weight: 13.5Kg
  • Power supply: AC100V, 50/60Hz, Maximum power consumption 75W

Package size:600×600×600 mm   [About Package size]

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