2-9740-01 Corona Charging Gun GC90-N


  • The charging gun and the control unit are separated, and the voltage and current can be checked.
  • The voltage up to 0~90 kV can be varied, and the current is small and easy to handle.


  • Charged method: Corona ion generation method:
  • Effective distance: 50~250mm
  • Input voltage: AC100V50/60Hz
  • Maximum output voltage: DC90kV
  • Maximum output current: 80μA
  • Power consumption: 50VA
  • Ground: 100Ω or less
  • Accessories: Control cable (5m), Power cable (3m), Earthed line (3m)
  • Minus polarity type
  • *Positive polarity is also correspondence available. Please contact with us.
  • Model number: GC90-N

Package size:435×365×315 mm 90 g  [About Package size]

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