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2-9713-04 [Out of stock]Proximity Sensor E2E-X4MD1 2m E2E-X4MD12M


  • Connecting system: Code drawer type (2m)
  • Power voltage: DC12 - 24V ripple (p-p) 10% or less
  • Operating mode (detection of object approaching): NO
  • Detection available object: Magnetic metal (detection distance of nonmagnetic metal is degraded.)
  • Indicator lamp: Operation display/red color, Set display/green color
  • Detection distance: 4mm±10%
  • Shape: Cylinder type, M8 screw
  • Type: No shield
  • OMRON, DC 2 wire set, Polarity, no polarity
  • Model number: E2E-X4MD1 2M

Package size:180×140×20 mm 80 g  [About Package size]

Order No. 2-9713-04
Model No. E2E-X4MD12M
JAN Code 4547648406215
Standard price JPY: 6,800 USD: 46.45
Excange rate 1USD= 146.38JPY
Valid price in Japan
Quantity 1piece
  Out of stock
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Product Variations (Different Sizes, Specifications, Optional Products, etc.)

Product image Order No. Name Model No. Quantity Standard price Valid price in Japan Stock
[Supplier Stock]
2-9713-02 Proximity Sensor E2E-X3D1-N 2m E2E-X3D1-N2M E2E-X3D1-N2M 1piece JPY: 7,500 USD: 51.24

2-9713-06 Proximity Sensor E2E-X14MD1 2m E2E-X14MD12M E2E-X14MD12M 1piece JPY: 8,500 USD: 58.07

2-9713-07 Proximity Sensor E2E-X20MD1 2m E2E-X20MD12M E2E-X20MD12M 1piece JPY: 9,450 USD: 64.56

2-9713-01 [Out of stock]Proximity Sensor E2E-X2D1-N 2m E2E-X2D1-N2M E2E-X2D1-N2M 1piece JPY: 6,800 USD: 46.45


2-9713-03 [Out of stock]Proximity Sensor E2E-X10D1-N 2m E2E-X10D1-N2M E2E-X10D1-N2M 1piece JPY: 9,250 USD: 63.19


2-9713-04 [Out of stock]Proximity Sensor E2E-X4MD1 2m E2E-X4MD12M E2E-X4MD12M 1piece JPY: 6,800 USD: 46.45


2-9713-05 [Out of stock]Proximity Sensore2E-X8MD1 2m E2E-X8MD12M E2E-X8MD12M 1piece JPY: 7,500 USD: 51.24


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