0-1518-04 Drug Cart Pink (30 boxes) 787 x 500 x 1438 mm ST-30P

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  • Sizes: Front tilt box effective inside dimensions/178 x 145 x 222 mm, box opening angle/55 degrees, ampoule case/150 x 60 x 40 mm
  • Materials: Main Post/Aluminum, Post Cover/Soft Vinyl Chloride, Main Sideboard/Top Board/Aluminum/Polyethylene Composite Panel, Corner Cap/ABS Resin, Ample Case/PVC (Vinyl Chloride Resin), Front Tilt Box/PS (Polystyrene)
  • Caster: 100 mm in diameter, made of nylon (with twin and 4 wheel stoppers)
  • Color: Pink
  • Width x Depth x Height (mm): 787 x 500 x 1438
  • Weight (kg): 56
  • Number of boxes: 30
  • For large internal bags and IV bottles
  • Accessory: ampoule case
  • Model number: ST -30 P

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Package size:800×550×1460 mm 58.6 kg  [About Package size]

Order No. 0-1518-04
Model No. ST-30P
JAN Code 4560111765497
Standard price JPY: 255,000 USD: 1,760.69
Excange rate 1USD= 144.83JPY
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Quantity 1unit
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